DHM Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

DHM is proud to extend our hybrid ceramic bearings to the Onewheel family! Our hybrid ceramic bearings that have been offered for our minimoto race bikes have been hugely successful over the past few years. Now your Onewheel can run the same bearings. We chose 440C stainless as the bearing race to resist corrosion and rust from the everyday elements. The dual seals are contact seals to make sure any unwanted debris stays out of the bearing. Each bearing contains silicone nitride ceramic balls (si3n4) with nylon cages. We lubricate each bearing with Mobil Polyrex EM grease prior to shipping. Ceramic is harder than steel, and therefore reduces rolling resistance and also prolongs life compared to standard steel bearings. Ceramic hybrids also run at cooler temperatures than steel bearings. We’ve heard the claims that ceramics are more likely to crack and cause damage with OW use, but we haven’t found that to be true. A properly manufactured hybrid ceramic is better than a

FlightFrame (Rails only)

Onewheel Frame This is for the rails only NOT THE KIT. FlightFins is proud to introduce the FlightFrame , an extended and upgraded rail set for your Onewheel FlightFrame Rails 3/8 inch longer to accommodate more tire choices (including the best choice your Hoosier 6.5 included in kit) and PSI options. Special edition only 100 made each one engraved with a serial number and branded quote inside (not visible) that says “Transcent the Bullshit”. Our new FF motto for 2020. Deeper threads to prevent stripping Your FlightFrame comes in a beautiful, raw, aluminum finish that is uncoated. Surface tooling marks are normal and are part of the look of your FlightFrame but may be polished away if desired Fits every footpad from original to aftermarket *Rails are designed for the FlightFender but can be used with most fenders with slight modification of the fender holes. Magnetic fenders have currently not been tested with the FlightFrame. FlightFins 201 E 5th St, Mansfi

Replacement FlightFender Half

Single Onewheel Fender Lost a FlightFender half to the gods of Send? Throw on another one and keep riding! Order includes 1 FlightFender half and hardware. FlightFins 201 E 5th St, Mansfield, Ohio 44902 310-855-4441

FlightFender for Onewheel XR, Plus and V1

Onewheel XR Fender – Onewheel Plus Fender, Onewheel V1 Fender Lightweight, convertible, and practically roll-proof, the FlightFender sends it as hard as you do while maintaining an aerodynamic aesthetic and quiet ride. Adjustable slots for FlightFins – no drilling required 8 point screw system makes stripping or loosening screws a thing of the past Quiet ride – the FlightShield dampens noise significantly while also being removable Rugged build quality – the FlightFender is made from high-grade polycarbonate and the FlightShield from Kydex, a durable material that can be reversed for a glossy or matte finish Your order includes: 1 Set of FlightFenders 1 FlightShield Mounting hardware FlightFins 201 E 5th St, Mansfield, Ohio 44902 310-855-4441

FlightFender Pint – Onewheel Pint Fender

Onewheel Pint Fender Function If you’ve ever been on a Onewheel Pint without a fender, then you have already experienced one of the most common problems: debris being kicked up. While some people don’t mind the Onewheel Pint bringing in small amounts of dirt or rocks, it becomes unbearable in muddy, or wet conditions. The Onewheel Pint Fender with barrier solves this exact problem: It prevents environmental debris from kicking up into your shoes and ankles. Available Colors For the Onewheel Pint Fender The Onewheel Pint Fender comes with 5 color options: White Black Matte White Matte Black Flame Red You can further customize your selection by picking between a Black Onewheel Pint Fender Shield or a clear Onewheel Pint Fender Shield. Onewheel Pint Fender Compatibility Flightfins’ Onewheel Pint Fender is compatible with all Onewheels including the XR. Compatible with Onewheel+ XR Compatible with Onewheel Pint Compatible with Onewheel+ Compatible

FlightDeck Footpad for Onewheel XR, Plus, and V1

Footpad for Onewheel XR Introducing the FlightDeck, the FF concave solution (DO NOT buy this product for a front sensor if you can’t go overtop of original stock FM grip. See warning below) FlightDeck is for use over original stock FM grip and pads not to be mounted over other aftermarket concave pads or grip tape. Easily installs over the stock griptape – no screws or griptape removal necessary Dialed-in shape provides exceptional control for tricks, trails, and all other riding styles Experience maximum comfort with the dual-layered composite design without sacrificing board feel Weighing in at a mere 9 oz, the FlightDeck will be the lightest and the most affordable concave solution available. Your order will include: One FlightDeck Crafted in the USA in partnership with Electric Bigfoot. Warning: Stock griptape removal or adding a pad to your front sensor can be potentially hazardous – do so at your own risk. FlightFins is not responsibly for bodily injury or

Onewheel Pint Shield

Easily removable, highly durable, and lightweight, the FlightShield for Pint attaches securely to your FlightFenders for additional coverage in rainy or debris-covered conditions. FlightFins 201 E 5th St, Mansfield, Ohio 44902 310-855-4441